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Hello World!

First post on ScoringTech.Net! Welcome to the site. Here, I will be exploring information technology in the context of the music production world. We will be talking everything from infrastructure and security to DAW workflow tips & tricks, and why it all matters as a music producer (especially as a film score composer).

I am a Berklee College of Music graduate, where I majored in film scoring with a minor in interactive music for video games. In college, I was a film scoring technology tutor, where I came to realize that a large amount of students' problems were not "Music" or "DAW" related, but in fact stemmed from common misunderstandings of how computers work in general. Since graduation, I have been studying IT (information technology) and working towards getting CompTIA ITF+ certified.

I noticed a lot of the "music tech" content online revolves around DAWs, sample libraries, hardware etc. I am will be using this blog to fill in the gaps and focus in more on the IT side of things. A lot of the posts on this blog (initially) will be inspired by comments I have made repeatedly on facebook groups for film composers such as Perspective and Virtual Orchestration as well as common issues my friends and current students at Berklee College of Music have reached out to me about. I will also be exploring things such as how computers work, back-up architecture, blockchain technology, etc and anything else I feel other composers may find useful or important. And a lot of this will be made available in the future as a free .PDF so anyone can have a consolidated reference file that may answer many of the more "techie" tech questions you may have on the job.

This site and it's design are still in development, so bear with me as I continue to learn about the wix platform.

If there is anything you'd like me to explore, elaborate further, or correct something I may have been misinformed about, please contact me via this website or Instagram/Twitter under the handle: @Joe_Chris_ .

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