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Remote Work Software

In the post-covid world, people are working remotely from home (WFH) more than ever. Composers can now assist other composers, video chat and collaborate with directors/musicians, and even record orchestra’s across the world from the comfort of their own homes regardless of wherever that may be. In fact, I regularly assist multiple composers in LA comfortably from my home in NYC.

This type of work has some additional challenges however, as it will deal 100% in software and relies on strong internet connections (and trust in the people on the other end of the line).

As a remote assistant myself, anydesk and teamviewer are two applications used to access their computers and make changes remotely. From within these apps, I am able to manipulate files, work on templates, troubleshoot sessions, export stems, etc. They are incredibly powerful and offer a way for anyone in the world (including yourself if you are away from your home for a period of time) to operate your computer as if they are in the room physically with near-zero latency. They even work to access or control from phones and tablets. This does come with some security risks however, so be sure to be cautious when giving or receiving remote access to any devices and be sure not to leak that sign on information.

If you are using recording software remotely, you will likely need two things: 1) a high quality stream of the audio and optionally 2) a video stream. There are a variety of ways to stream audio directly from the DAW to wherever you are in the world. A very popular option for this is audio movers which is essentially a plugin you used in your DAW that streams high quality audio over the internet. I've used this to access various recording sessions around the globe. Other ones worth being aware of are sessionwire, soundwhale, & source-connect though I have no personal experience with these three. Zoom has a "musician mode" that makes listening to musical performances via your regular set up much more tolerable as well

Finally, a dropbox or other sort of filesharing and/or project management software can be incredibly beneficial. What is nice with dropbox specifically is that it appears as a local drive on your computer and that syncs to both machines over the internet nearly instantly. Then project management software such as Trello is useful for keeping track of tasks and letting your clients/partners/collaborators be aware of the status of various things that they may not have immediate access to or be unable to physically see from their location.

Remote work is super feasible these days, and even with covid being over (and hopefully the strikes soon!), remote work is not going away in the industry and in fact it will likely continue grow and the industry will become more decentralized. Having the ability to work remotely can do wonders for your career.

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