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And The Train Keeps A Rollin'

It's been a few months since this blog posted and almost a year since it was very active and I'd like to make a little update: I got my IT Fundamentals certification last summer, and I started working as an assistant for a Hollywood composer and that has been an eye opening experience.

With all things knowledge, there is theory and there is practice. I'm still working on the book. My goal right now is May 15th. But a lot of the theory is now being supplemented with practice. I'm trying to stay as far away as I can from things that are based on a current technology and instead remain with theory, as theory is much more timeless. That being said, the computer industry evolved so quickly in the past few years that things that were 20+ year standard practices are now starting to become obsolete and I want to make sure this is as thorough as possible for composers both new and old.

I work on this book and blog in my free time, and I've been working hard recently trying to get a couple other projects going. Firstly, my sonic tasting events (which will have tech articles on this blog soon) are kicking off and growing. I am learning a ton about interactive music and generative music and how to achieve that inside of MAX/MSP. Secondly, my career is pivoting from strictly Film Composing to incorporating advertising and sonic branding over at . Thirdly, I am planning to take on more session work this year, and possibly get a gigging band together (with some wild technology involved) as well as starting another website for soundspaces.

In short, there is a lot of interesting opportunities in the pipeline but as I reorganize myself I am going to get back to making more regular posts here. In addition to the book, I am working on some AI articles, tutorials for max/msp, synthesis, modular synthesis, production techniques, mixing techniques, composing techniques, sound design, etc. The scope of this blog will be less focused on music IT and more focused on music tech in general. Though, that will always be a core idea of what makes this blog "unique" and it will not be abandoned.

I'm looking forward to the new year and continuing to chip away at the progress here and continuing to contribute to the overall discourse that is scoring technology. If there is anything you'd like to see me tackle, please let me know, and expect more regular content as I get my feet back under me with all these new ventures.


Joe Chris

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